The Next Stage of Beer Evolution


How fortuitous that on the same day, both the Boston Beer Company (better known as Sam Adams) AND Stone Brewing announced their new helium-infused beers. That’s right, both brewers happened to chose the same day to launch their inaugural Helium Ales.

Apparently, the process infuses the beer with more flavour and provides a tingly mouthfeel. Stone went so far as to providing unique food pairing suggestions such as Funyuns, Cheese Whiz and soup made from their own Ruination DIPA.  

No word on why both brewers picked the first of April to launch these products, but I suspect it has something to do with Helium being at its freshest near the end of March. 



One thought on “The Next Stage of Beer Evolution

  1. pedroviz says:

    where can i buy Samuel Adams Helium Beer ?

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