LCBO Kiosks: The way forward?


The Ontario Finance minister has rolled out a new plan to bring LCBO kiosks to select grocery stores as part of a pilot program. Currently, several groceries stores carry “Wine Rack” stores, which are independent retailers. This is an interesting move on the part of the government which it claims is in response to consumer calls for more convenient purchasing options. 

Details are somewhat scarce at this point as to which stores will carry the kiosks and whether they will keep independent hours, but if successful it could spread outward. 

While overall I think this is a step in the right direction, I do wonder at the selection of beer a ‘kiosk’ could possibly hold. With limited shelf space, such kiosks might decide to only stock products which they know will sell in volume rather than more experimental beers. I would hope that the LCBO might make use of this new format to promote local products or, at the very least, maintain a minimum percentage of Canadian-owned products. Canadian content rules govern Canadian media, why not this?


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