I’m Back!

Hello All,

Sorry about the long hiatus, I was in the middle of a move and some other things but am now looking forward to a new more regular posting schedule. This pause has given me a chance to reflect on what I could be doing better with this project and I’ve decided to make a few changes. 

1) Written Reviews 

I’ve found that the videos may need a bit of help from a written review as well. From here out, I will have a written review to go along with each video review. These reviews will be more in detail as regards tasting notes and will include a score out of 10 (I’ll be bringing back the review scale I had used in early videos). The videos will continue without a scoring system as I occasionally have to review a beer for the first time and I don’t think giving it a score is fair based only on first impressions. I may have some written reviews only if I’m in a place in which shooting a video is impractical.

2) More mini-series

I believe I’m more focused when I’m reviewing with a specific objective so I will likely have more themed videos rather than just picking things off the shelf and reviewing them.

3) Guest reviewers

Since I can only offer an opinion based on my palette, preferences and local selection I will endeavour to have some guest reviews to help sample / bring beers that I might not be able to get or wouldn’t regularly pick.

If you have any other suggestions, drop me a line either on the blog or on the channel and I’ll see what I can do to incorporate your feed back.




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