Review: Propeller IPA – John Allen Brewing Co.



6.5%ABV/ 68 IBUs / Hops: Warrior & Amarillo / Malts: Pale, Crystal & Wheat 

Reviewed from 11.5oz / 341mL bottle 


2 finger off-white frothy head. Dark Gold / med-light amber body. Medium carbonation (small bubbles). Totally clear: no sediment or haze.


Roasted and sweet malt. Medicinal hop notes. Fruit (figs, red apple). Some pine as beer gets warm. 


Hop bitter up front followed by caramel malt note. Briefly gives way to a fruitiness before finishing bitter. Reminiscent of a hoppier ESB. Sweetness in background is sharp like white sugar. 


Slightly sticky / Medium Viscosity.


A great departure from the now familiar West-Coast IPA. English style malt sweetness disguises the hopping level somewhat (I would not have guessed this beer was clocking in at 68 IBUs). Comparisons could be made to a hoppy English Strong Ale or Winter Warmer (think Wellington’s Iron Duke). If I have any complaint about this beer at all it would be that the sweet note (possibly coming from the wheat) stands out a little strongly and doesn’t necessarily blend seamlessly with the rest of the flavours. That said, this beer was definitely brewed with care and comes off as something unique rather than a compromise between two styles and traditions. 

Food Pairing

This would do very well with something spicy but substantial like a beef curry or hearty chilli. As for cheeses, I would pick something sharp like an older cheddar. 





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