Trafalgar Smoked Oatmeal Stout

As I explain in my latest video, the review for this was ruined due to my ineptitude with video software. As per usual, here is the written review:


5% ABV

Reviewed from 500 mL brown bottle (BB JL 14)


Dark cola-like body with some ruby tinges. Minimal off-white head with regular pour


Biscuit, some coffee. malt sweet. 


Biscuit again up front followed by fig/raisin. Something reminding me of Melba toast is in the background. No smoke to speak of, but there is a slight acrid note in way in the back of the palate on the finish. 


This really seems more like an English Brown Ale to me (Newcastle Brown, Wellington County Dark, Neustadt 10W30). No real distinct ‘oatiness’ other than perhaps the odd Melba Toast note. Would not recommend to a stout drinker. 

Food Pairing:

Given the surprisingly light profile of this beer, it should be good to go with anything from poultry to game meats. The slightly out of place burnt notes might actually work well with grilled food. 

Score: 6/10






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