Great Divide Oatmeal Yeti (2013 Bottle)


9.5% ABV / 75IBUs / $13.49 for 22 oz bottle (Bottled on Jul 16 2013)


Opaque black body with some visible carbonation near the head. Cola-like tan-mocha head which dissipated fairly quickly. 


Soy sauce (brewed – think Kikkoman), smoke, cedar (light), tobacco, pie crust, dark fruit (plum), feint raisin and some ethanol


Pie crust / oatmeal cookie, dark fruit, raisins, molasses, chocolate donut. Finishes with tobacco and general bitterness (hard to detect hops particularly). Mocha chocolate-coffee blend. Not distinctly one or the other. 


A very interesting imperial stout. Has similar complexities as found in the other oatmeal stouts (particularly the St-Ambroise), but again, can be recognized as one of the Yeti clan. Still not enough to de-throne the Espresso Oak Aged for me as the premier cryptid, but extremely good.

Food Pairings:

Pairing food with an Imperial Stout is always going to be difficult. If you must avoid the familiar chocolate dessert (tiramisu is a particular favourite of mine), I would recommend something VERY hearty like a pepper steak. Strong cheeses also work well. I would go for nuttier rather than salty as I have (personally) found very salty cheeses fight with the chocolate and coffee characteristics of imperial stouts. 

SCORE: 9.5


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