Flying Monkeys Shoulders of Giants Imperial IPA


10%ABV / 86 IBUs / Hops: Galaxy, Amarillo and Falconer’s Flight / 750mL bottle with date 


Burnt orange clear body with large off-white head and minimal carbonation


From afar one can detect tropical fruit notes – particularly of ripe mango. Up close the malt takes over with notes of candy sugar and some ethanol heat. 


Bitter rush followed by sweet sugary malt. A slight spice (thyme?). Toffee (light). Some citrus as the beer warms. Quite a bit of heat which grows as beer warms. 


Sticky – typical DIPA fare 


A bit of a disappointment. While most of the classic DIPA elements are present, there simply isn’t enough hop character to make this beer a true player in this category. While I applaud Flying Monkeys for using a more eclectic hop bill, the sweet malt has subsumed any of the more subtle tropical fruit notes that may have been there, meaning we are only left with the light citrus and pine from the Amarillo and there isn’t enough to go around. Ironically, this beer would make for a decent American Style Barley wine. Maybe if they had backed off the strength a bit this beer would have had room to breath as an IPA. Alas, this is not the first hoppy specialty beer from Flying Monkey’s to suffer this problem (The Matador v.1 and Red on Red did the same). Maybe a less ‘special’ bomber series coming in around 7% would do the trick.

SCORE: 6.5 




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