Beer G(l)ut

Hello all! I just returned last night from my trip to Buffalo with my dad to attend the Beer and Bacon festival being held in nearby Williamsville.

While the festival was great, One of the true highlights was getting to go to Premier Gourmet, a high-end grocery store which happens to stock about 1500 types of beer. Needless to say, I went right up to the limit with what I could take back across the border. 

As it happens, my buddy came up from SC with a trunkload of beer for me as well which leaves me with an (almost) embarrassing amount of craft beer. 

I’m now stocked with classics such as Old Foghorn and Bigfoot Barleywines (the latter in both 2013 and 2014 vintages), cool one-offs like Founders Dissenter and Stone Crime (a somewhat divisive brew) and great limited release specials like Left Hand Brewing’s Chainsaw ale and Weyerbacher’s Blasphemy. 

I’m not really sure how we’re rationing this stuff out but expect a number of written and video reviews over the next couple of weeks as I do my best to get my cellar down to a more manageable size (a thankless task, I know).



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