Stone RuinTen


10.8% ABV / 110 IBUs


Amber / Orange body with slow moving carbonation. Medium off-white head which dissipates quickly. 


Ginger, candied pineapple and mango. Simcoe-like dankness. Slight herbal (sage?) Some heat.


Pine up front followed by canned pineapple. Huge bitter wash mid-palate with sweetness coming in back. Ethanol heat is present even when still cold and quite influential when warm. 


This beer does exactly what it says on the bottle. A totally over the top DIPA. Drinking such a beer becomes an almost physical experience. The viscosity, the heat and the tongue-curling bitterness make this one a bit of a challenge, but totally worth it if you are a DIPA fan. Of course, there is an argument that this beer is unbalanced. Compared to say, an American Barleywine, the alcohol is much more present, the bitterness is way out of proportion and the malt only provides a subtle candied character to the assault of tropical fruit and pine. In my opinion this is what a DIPA is meant to be. As such, where I would normally mark a beer down for having such outrageous qualities, in this context it makes sense and perfectly achieves what Stone wanted to do. I wouldn’t judge you for hating this, but I happen to love it. 




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