Ale Smith Speedway Stout (No Video)



12% Brewed with Ryan Bros. Coffee 


Pure Black with a quickly dissipating tan head. Carbonation in body impossible to see, but seems quite still.


Dark chocolate, coffee, cocoa powder, molasses. Alcohol warmth with slight sweetness reminding me of older port.


Cool: Dark fruit, black forest cake, coffee finish. Some ethanol.

Warm: Port, chocolate-caramels, black cherries, milk chocolate finish. Ethanol is more present but not overwhelming. 


A deft interpretation of the American RIS. While the booze is present, I would not suspect the beer at 12%. Extremely drinkable. The only thing which hold this beer back from perfection for me is the 2013 Stone Espresso Imperial Stout which was as complex but less boozy (who knew 1% ABV at these levels could make such a difference?). Given that the beers are so close is style, I can’t honestly give this beer a 10 as well, but I will definitely be buying it again. Worth a trip to Buffalo in and of itself.

SCORE: 9.75


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