Founders Dissenter Imperial IPL (No Video)


8.7% ABV / 70 IBUs


Pilsner-esque clarity and carbonation with a more full-gold than straw body. 


Hop astringency with a possible hint of cedar. Some indistinct tropical fruit. A slight candi sugar lurking in the background.


Lots of bitterness. Some rough tropical fruit notes which are again indistinct (some meld of pineapple, mango, possibly overripe peach). Some sweetness in the background with a noticeable alcohol presence. 


Unfortunately, this beer to me falls into the standard trap of the IPL: not matching the malt to the hops. The beer ends up coming off disjointed; as though someone tried to make a beer on top of another beer. Because the bitterness and the hop notes so overwhelm the body of the beer it is hard to get an accurate assessment of what else is going on with the beer. In some ways, and I don’t mean this uncharitably, it comes off as a highly hopped malt liquor. 

All that said, as a delivery vessel for humulus lupulus you are unlikely to find a more focused product. Since the underlying beer is quite light in body and flavour there really is nothing getting in the way of the hops. In that sense it is interesting to taste and, if you are a hop head, fairly enjoyable. 



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