Hop To It


For those of you who like straining the hop cones out of your teeth after a pint, Great Lakes is somewhere to visit this weekend. The brewery, in addition to its regular line up of hop-forward creations like Canuck and Devil’s Pale ale, has several limited run products to sample at very reasonable prices.

Two familiar Tank Ten alumni are Johnny Simcoe Pale and Apocalypse Later.

As the name implies, Johnny Simcoe is a tribute to both Canadian historical figure John Graves Simcoe and the distinctive Simcoe hop which this beer uses exclusively. Despite coming in at a rather manageable 5% ABV, Great Lakes has hopped this beer up to 70 IBUs which, if you like the dank, catty notes associated with Simcoe hops, should be perfect.

Another returning favourite is Apocalypse Later Imperial Black IPA. This beer initially was rated at 9.9%/99 IBUs as a riff on the 6-themed Devil’s Pale Ale but now, in its more metrically sound 10%/100+ IBUs, features the full cast of Tank Ten characters from RoboHop to Carrie Nation on the label. If you like over the top American Black Ales in the vein of Sublimely Self Righteous (RIP) or Tree Hop Head Black, this is for you.

Finally, the newcomer on the scene is the idiosyncratically named Octopus Wants To Fight You IPA, a reference to a particular form of coat hook vandalism. Brewed with a combination of Mozaic, Citra and Amarillo, this beer is apparently intended to fill the gap between the exit of Karma Citra and the return of Thrust!. Furthering this beer’s image as the scrappy under dog, it is actually one of the lightest IPAs GLB has done at 6.2% but  it has been hopped up to 88 IBUs which, as far as I can tell gives it the highest IBU/ABV of their catalog at 14.2.

Since these beers are in cans, they range from $3-$4.50 per 473mL which makes them extremely cost effective. For instance, 2 of each of these will bring you a total of around $21.


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