Canadian Beer Journal is a project to discuss and promote craft beer. My focus will be on Canadian beers and specifically those from Ontario but will be reviewing plenty of products from different provinces and countries.

I will mainly be posting reviews of specific beers but will also aim to post news and more general discussion pieces as well. I have a YouTube Channel to which I post video reviews.

While I do not believe a rating scale is the most appropriate way to analyze a beer, for the sake of simplicity, I have included one. I will also attempt to give a contextualized rating by comparing it to other similar products, suggesting a level of experience for getting the most out of the beer and discussing why the beer does or does not deserve particular attention.

My scale is as follows (there will be half marks on occasion):

1 – – Undrinkable – The beer is undrinkable; i.e. it is either infected or so unpalatable that I simply did not finish drinking the entire serving.

2 – Very Bad – The beer can be finished but offers nothing rewarding. Would not drink again.

3 – Bad – Any positive aspects of the beer are strongly outweighed by the negative – Would likely not drink again and certainly would not buy again.

4 – Below average – Either a very standard beer with some flaws (an over-use of adjuncts, some off notes) or an unusual beer with some severe flaws which ultimately make it less pleasant than a bog standard product. Would not recommend.

5 – Average – A beer which is neither especially good nor especially bad. Either a completely standard beer with an uninteresting spread of aromas and flavours (likely a ‘macro-lager’) or a more complex beer with some obvious flaws.

6 – Above Average – A beer which has more positive qualities than negative. This could be a well-made but slightly uninteresting beer or something more interesting which misses a few steps. I may or may not recommend such a beer depending on other factors.

7 – Good – A beer which I would recommend based purely on its intrinsic qualities. Either a basic beer with exceptional attributes or a complex beer which could have been better.

8 – Very Good – A beer which I would not only recommend, but would seek out again. To get to this level a beer would have to be both well-made and offer noticeable complexity.

9 – Excellent – A beer with no objective faults. Something that is complex, well-made and a pleasure to drink. Any points beyond this reflect purely my own palate preferences.

10 – Top 10 – The beer, at the time of drinking would go in my personal ‘Top 10’.



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